==ArtLocator / ArtMapper

Basic idea: Pass the Modigliani Test (RWW's Richrd MacManus, April 2010).

"To pass this test, you must deliver - using Linked Data - a comprehensive list of locations or original Modigliani [and any other artist] art works around the world."

Data needed:
* Artists
* Art works
* Museums
* Locations

Available sources
* DBPedia has information about Artists, but only a few "representative" art work examples per artist.
* DBPedia has information about Museums and their Locations

* Art works with links to artists
* Art work locations

Possible solution
* ArtFinder
* uses OGP
* uses CC0 for the basic info on the work pages
* indexed and cached by Google (or Facebook to a certain extent)
* mentions the copyright and location in the image preview caption
* Messy Hacks:
* requirements
* don't hammer the ArtFinder servers
* don't violate TOS or copyrights
* Input: Artist name
-> possibly auto-completed/-suggested via Artist list
-> google search
-> cached results
-> extract ogp-encoded info & the image caption
-> parse the caption data (copyright, museum)
-> store the generated data
-> reconcile the location info to find corresponding museum entities
* UI==